New Addition to the MONACOR Product Portfolio: Digital Audio Transmission in IP Networks via SIP Technology

Why not simply use the IP telephone system and the existing IP network to implement professional PA technology?

Why not simply use the IP telephone system and the existing IP network to implement professional PA technology? For this purpose, MONACOR offers you in cooperation with the manufacturer 2N® a complete range of network-compatible VoIP products with SIP technology (Session Initiation Protocol). The SIP-based solution for versatile speaker announcements and music reproductions uses the existing network infrastructure and a connected telephone system for transmitting audio signals. The network cabling allows for quick and easy installation and operation. Another advantage: The SIP-compatible PA system does not require an audio server; an existing LAN/WAN network is sufficient enough. The range of SIP products which is now available includes the microphone station SIP-MIC, the two wall speakers SIP-SPEAK/WS (white) and SIP-SPEAK/SW (black), the horn speaker SIP-HORN and the SIP audio converter SIP-CONVERTER. The SIP-compatible active speakers SIP-SPEAK/WS and SIP-SPEAK/SW provide a perfect sound quality for the reproduction of speech and music and can be used for fixed installations and for PA applications in buildings. They allow for easy installation and configuration. The speaker is simply integrated into an existing LAN/WAN network infrastructure and allows for a PA application wherever an IP network is available but no audio cabling. The power is supplied via the integrated network interface using a PoE-enabled Gigabit switch (Power over Ethernet). The adjustments can conveniently be made via a web interface, simply using your web browser or be made remotely, e.g. via mobile phone. The active speakers SIP-SPEAK/WS and SIP-SPEAK/SW can be used for most versatile applications, e.g. multi-zone PA application in a doctor's practice: for the waiting area and treatment rooms, the SIP-enabled speakers SIP-SPEAK/WS allow for a continuous reproduction of speech and music in the entire practice. SIP-MIC is available at the reception desk for making live announcements or play preset messages. Thus, it is possible to quickly and easily call patients or make announcements in the treatment rooms, either for one zone or several zones. In addition, each member of staff is equipped with an SIP-enabled telephone in order to make mobile announcements from any place. The requirements of PA applications for widespread areas are completely different, though. The active SIP horn speaker SIP-HORN is used for difficult and acoustically challenging environments. The speaker is certified for outdoor applications, connected to the existing IP network using network cable and supplied with power via a PoE switch. The SIP-HORN is able to achieve a high sound pressure of 124 dB, despite the low power consumption. A connection to IP-based video surveillance systems is also possible without any problems thanks to ONVIF compatibility. Thus, it is possible to quickly react in case of emergency events, e.g. to make live announcements or play pre-recorded audio files. The microphone station SIP-MIC or a mobile SIP-enabled telephone is used as a microphone station. Thus, it is easily possible to cover great distances with the VoIP-enabled PA system, e.g. in warehouses and industrial facilities or parking lots. The audio converter SIP-CONVERTER completes the range of SIP products. It converts audio signals from SIP audio/telephone systems into standard analogue signals or vice versa. In addition, the SIP-CONVERTER features a built-in audio power amplifier/amplifier with 2 x 5 W (via PoE) or 2 x 10 W (via external power supply). Thus, it is for example possible to directly connect external speakers or a PA amplifier to allow for additional distribution of the audio signals. Furthermore, the SIP-CONVERTER also enables you to connect an external microphone and can thus be used as an intercom system. Adjustments and administration of the SIP-CONVERTER can conveniently be made via the web browser, similarly to all the other products of the SIP series.


MONACOR INTERNATIONAL Strengthens its Commitment in the Middle East

From 17-19 October 2017, MONACOR INTERNATIONAL showed impressive systems and solutions at the second edition of the Prolight + Sound Middle East in Dubai.

From 17-19 October 2017, MONACOR INTERNATIONAL showed impressive systems and solutions at the second edition of the Prolight + Sound Middle East in Dubai. They form the solid foundation for well-developed professional audio solutions for more than 50 years. The brands MONACOR and IMG STAGELINE were the centre of attention at this year's trade fair in Dubai. MONACOR showed impressive professional PA technology for installation in buildings, including state-of-the-art Audio over IP solutions with Dante® interface. The speaker WALL-05DT for fixed installations in shops, hotels, restaurants and bars, mosques and indoor sports facilities showed an awe-inspiring performance; a real development 'Made in Germany'. The range of standard PA technology showed highlights like the design speaker ETS-120SL/WS which visitors were able to experience. Due to small dimensions, the speaker is almost invisible and thus perfectly suitable for the integration into well-designed residential or commercial environments. The range of services also included a well-selected portfolio of high-performance microphone systems from the brand IMG STAGELINE. We have of course also used this trade fair to find out more about general developments in PA and microphone technology, maintain and extend contacts and exchange views with key influencers of the trade. We are expecting great things from the emerging market in the Middle East and are going to further pursue our commitment. This year's presentation at the trade fair and the strengthening of trade relations with local distribution partners are important first steps. Some impressions of our trade fair participation can be found in the gallery.