Mini laser effect unit
  • 2 laser diodes: red and green (< 1 mW each dot)
  • Servo motors
  • Operating modes: music-controlled and automatic
  • Lighting effects: light spots and lines
  • Infrared remote control
  • Power is provided via enclosed plug-in power supply
  • Размеры: 85 x 45 x 108 мм
  • Bec: 180 g
  • Class 2M laser
Laser effect unit,
with text function.
  • 3 laser diodes: red (150 mW), green (50 mW) and blue (100 mW)
  • Scanner speed: 10 kpps
  • Text input and control via supplied keyboard
  • Various text effects can be selected, e.g. colours, zoom, rotation
  • Integrated date and time function
  • Operating modes: music-controlled and automatic
  • 9 automatically run show programs and 9 music-controlled programs
  • Key-operated switch for a safe operation
  • Supplied with infrared remote control and 5 m extension cable for keyboard
  • Power is provided via enclosed power supply
  • Размеры: 185 x 75 x 185 мм
  • Bec: 1.2 кг
  • Class 3B laser
Class 3B Lasers
The accessible laser radiation is hazardous to the human eye, often also to the skin! It is dangerous to look directly into the beam of class 3B lasers. In certain circumstances, it may be safe to look at a beam via a diffusing reflector.
When using a class 3B laser, the operator has to appoint a laser safety officer in writing (BGV B2 = German Accident Prevention & Insurance Association regulation B2)! Laser safety officers must have requisite qualifications!
An approval is required for class 3B lasers!
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