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Active Subwoofer Modules for the Digital Age
Due to state-of-the-art technology in the digital D class, the digital active subwoofer modules from MONACOR provide a powerful bass reproduction in self-built subwoofer systems. The components feature a high power efficiency and provide an energy-saving operation. The lightweight design of these models which are available at an attractive price ensures a low total weight of the speaker system.
Class D active subwoofer module, 300 W at 4 Ом
  • High-performance active module in class D technology
  • Variable low-pass filter: 40-200 Гц (18 дБ)
  • Continuously adjustable phase control 0-180 град. for perfectly matching it to the main speakers
  • Line input, par. line output
  • Integrated bass boost of approx. 3 дБ at 40 Гц
  • High-level inputs for parallel connection to the speaker cables
  • High power reserves
Производитель: MONACOR
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